Posted by Jean Johnson on January 9, 2010 at 4:43 PM

Got a room at the Lakeshor for Saturday and Sunday.  Arriving here earlier today, I drove to Parkville, took pictures of just how close Minntac is to the old homestead, thought about making a snowangel and didn't.  Got some hot air from Canelake's - sorry, Fleet Farm, yours just doesn't do it!  Herberger's, Big KMart, Sawmill Offsale Liquor, KFC - forgot to give me sporks so I had to make a stop at Super One - all within an hour's time!  Funny how small and cold and sad everything looks.  I look out the window of the motel across Silver Lake to the power plant on the west end of Chestnut Street.  The steam is blowing furiously from the top, the curve sign is blowing in the wind, the snow is dirty and crusted, pickups drive by in about 20 second intervals - seems to be the vehicle of choice here. 

Puffy little bump clouds cover 2/3 of the way the sky - the other is the cold blue of winter.  The sun will set in about an hour or so - and then the night will lay its blanket across the city.

People look lonely, hard, sad - like the rocks around here.  Not sure if it's hopeless, but it's little and small.  The houses are huddled together- trying to keep warm themselves, maybe? 

Hard to believe I grew up here and things seemed SO big and promising.  Endless possibliities all around me, I thought.  East Range Choral Society, Dallis Frandsen and Virginia High School Choir, Gethsemane- all so tiny now.

Drove by Gethsemane - the stained glass windows look like they're just painted now- they always have been, I guess, but they look weary now.  I'm going to the contemporary service there tomorrow - wonder if Mary Jo Ralston still sings with the praise band. 

Maybe everyone looks sad, no matter where they are - I just don't seem them as much because there are so many in the Cities.  Here, there are one or two sitting on the benches in the mall - one man sat slumped against the bench.  Two teenage girls with their KMart special winter jackets attempted to look cool, standing by Fashion Bug - "going out of business - all the hardware goes, too!".  The dank, humid smell of overdone hot dogs fled out of the snack bar in the middle of the mall.  An old woman with red hair, fading like the sunset, pushed her cart, looking ferociously at all the plastic storage ware - did she need a soup size or sandwich size or just need to look?

Part of me is relieved to be gone from this place - the boredom that seems to wrap itself around everyone.  Part of me is angry with myself because I feel so "superior" to people here - stop it, you twit!  But, it's true - I do feel superior in the sense that I have hope, I laugh, I have a wonderful job - most of the time, I thrive. 

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Reply Willabeetoo
6:33 PM on October 21, 2010 
Jeanster, love this entry. So real. I don't think it matters where your roots are, this is how it feels to be grown up and past this childlike, wonder-filled experience of growing up. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be back!h