Henry et al, Day 1 10-25-18

Posted by Jean Johnson on October 25, 2018 at 3:00 PM

Two dimension becomes three.  After deep revelations with Rachel today, I choose to live a 3D life.  I have "observed" my life - evaluated, analyzed and watched it - and sometimes, I actually felt I got INTO it.  

My Guides said I need to let go of "labels", of self definitions - away with Enneagram, they say!  That was shocking and surprising - I've BEEN Enneagram for a long time, defining myself, my thoughts and actions, my ideas through being a NINE.  Even that is observational - I do this because a Nine does this; I feel that because a Nine feels this.  

I felt like clinging on to it because it has been "me" for so long, so when Rachel said the Guides were saying it needed to go out the window, I acquiesed....after some hesitation.

Then, she did some healing of chakras - opening solar plexus and throat chakras.  She felt the solar plexus as a peanut - it was open a little, but it constricted easy flow from the bottom and top and vice versa.  As she stood there with the smudging, she said part of the stuff in the solar plexus was like pieces of wood - almost like a pirate ship full of treasures.  

I then laid on the table and she did some shamanic healing techniques - shaking bells, swirling her hands over my body, breathing deeply, telling me to say a mantra for both solar plexus and throat chakras.  She says open chakras make pendulums swing in a clockwise circle - as you might expect, the solar plexus hung straight down; the throat was a small circle, but certainly restricted.  

After much work (most of which I won't understand and don't need to understand), Rachel hung the pendulum over the solar plexus - and that thing sprang into action, circling larger and larger each time.  Remember, it had hung quietly and straight.  The throat chakra spun almost immediately producing a larger circle than before.

She then moved to the throat chakra.  That seemed to take some more focused time and I felt as though there was a rectangle in my neck.  The leftside of the rectangle was particularly prominent and seemed very rigid.  That slowly got less rigid and faded more and then when we did the vocalization, I did a lot of "oo" with a LOT of power.  I thought some of the rigidiness was my own sense of guilt about having yelled at the kids too much when they were younger.  

She used the pendulum again and again the circle grew wider than the first time.  She felt was I wholly open and connected from top to bottom; from Source to earth.  I felt like I had become a huge sewer pipe noodle (remember school days?).  It was flexible and fully open.

Rachel said she pulled all kinds of wood out of the solar plexus - and that there seems to be a shipwreck. She didn't say I was responsible for it, but that I thought I was. This could have been a previous life or some kind of symbol in this present life. She said, too, that there must have been children in the shipwreck because she pulled teddy bears and dolls and children's toys out of it. "Lots of wood with you this time," she said.  

Then she talked about the throat chakra.  She said she kept seeing some kind of cane or long piece of wood on the left side of my neck.  She also said she removed a "man" from this chakra - a man who seemed rule-oriented, distant and sometimes opinionated.  Of course, Chester.  She also said my reaction to that man was to keep my mouth shut and never express myself because it wouldn't be accepted nor would it be appropriate.  I told her there used to be a yardstick about the doorway to the kitchen and we were threatened with that yardstick if we misbehaved.  "Aha!  That's it!  A yardstick - or it could also be a cane from another life."  I then mentioned my guilt on yelling at the kids too much and she said, "That could be from never feeling safe enough to express yourself.  You also had a "cap" on top of the throat chakra which meant to her that I kept a lot of anger bottled up because it wasn't right to express anger.  She said, "Speak yourself up, girl!  You have the ability and opportunity to express who you really are because no one is going to hurt you.  No one is going to get mad because you express yourself, and if they do, that doesn't diminish who you are."

So much of this made sense.  

We talked about getting more in touch consistently with my Guides. Rachel said they told her to try an experiment for 30 days.  Take some, even if only five minutes, to become present to/with them.  Go to my safe place and sit and listen and commune - whatever I needed.  I decided I am going to write about those 30 days and see what presents itself.  She also said that I chose my guides and they chose me - and that my elephant was SO delighted to be with me!!!  "He thinks you're simply wonderful!"  I think he is, too.

So, I came home and decided to get in touch.  I sat down, closed my eyes and became quiet.  That's where the two dimension to three dimension came in.  I had seen my safe place as more of a picture instead of a place.  It was pretty - a little stream running through a meadow, a table and chairs alongside the stream.  Mountains in the background - serene and pastoral.  

Well, I decided to not just "observe" - to "participate" and soon the area because real.  I was THERE, not just watching it.  The stream ran quietly, the meadow was green, the sun was bright and shining and the mountains off in the distance were rugged, snow covered and strong.  

I FELT myself there and started looking around.  Guess who was right there?  Henry!  He's about my height and size so I can put my arms around him.  He's got a wonderfully rugged skin and big brown eyes.  I love standing by him.  The tree covering us, I realized, is a eucalyptus tree.  Then, Condor showed up in the left side of the sky, hovering, protecting.

I looked around me to see a stone cabin behind me to the left.  It reminded me of the cabin in Young Frankenstein, and I'm sure I'll explore it later.  

I sat with Henry for quite a while and felt Siddhartha THERE, all solid.  Archangel Michael was there, too.  

There is much more to experience.  That seemed like enough for that time, so I came back to here and decided to write it down.  I feel endless.

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